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Plan EB-1209
Modifications available

Width: 46'-0"
Depth: 34'-0"
Ceiling Height: 8'
Main Roof Pitch: 7 and 12
2x6 Exterior Walls
Super Energy Saver

Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 1.5
A Duplex with the look of a luxury single family home
This duplex is designed to give the appearance of a luxury single family multi-story home. There is a desk tucked into a niche located between the dining and living rooms. A private rear porch provides each unit with a covered entry from the outdoor living space. The lower level has a utility closet for the laundry and a half bath. Both bedrooms have access to the full bath and there is plenty of closet space. The master bed room has a private vanity and a huge walk-in closet.

Living Area Down Unit A: 614 sq. ft.
Living Area Down Unit B: 622 sq. ft.
Living Area Up Unit A: 644 sq. ft.
Living Area Up Unit B: 661 sq. ft.
Total Living Area Unit A:1258 sq. ft.
Total Living Area Unit B: 1283 sq. ft.
Total Area Building: 2671 sq.ft.

Price Code: A

Foundation Type: Concrete Slab
Optional Crawl Space Foundation Available














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